Gorgeous Gardenia

Gorgeous Gardenia is part of the brand new perfume line by Gucci, called Garden Collection, launched as a flanker of the popular Flora. With its bright color, a sober bottle design, and a girly name, the packaging gives a good idea of the gentle character of the fragrance.

Gardenia shows up from the very opening with its typical buttery notes, but also a light sourness, and an occasional idea of pepper. All that comes from the floral itself and not from separate ingredients.

In spite of its low profile, the floralcy is quite rich, offering a buttery oily texture. Gardenia is a flower that can bite (if you ever had the chance to try Tom Ford’s Velvet Gardenia you probably know that already), but in this case it’s obviously kept on a leash, and also cut with another floral, which makes it a bit sweeter than what it normally is (it’s probably the frangipani in the official list of notes).

After about one hour, the shift towards the heart notes begins, and it starts to be clear that, in spite of the name and the floral character so far, Gorgeous Gardenia is in fact a fruity fragrance, with the fruit being red berries.


There are some ingredients in perfumery that just get along great, and it’s up to the skilled perfumer to find these soul mates and bring them together. Gardenia and red berries are one of these fortunate cases, and even though the transition will take place fairly quickly, with the floral notes ending up in the background, the change will occur almost unobtrusively. And that’s a sign of the perfect chemistry of this couple. At that point, this Gucci perfume will be similar to fragrances like Nina by Nina Ricci, Amor Amor by Cacharel, or Delices by Cartier.

In the dry down, sweet notes will be more prominent, thanks to patchouli and sugar.

Gorgeous Gardenia is a light and bright fragrance, especially suitable for the warm and hot days of the year. It won’t probably become your signature perfume, nor the one you wear in special occasions, but for an everyday use it will be just perfect.


About the author: Andrea writes reviews about all sorts of perfumes, designer and niche, new and old, at his blog Yournextperfume.com.

Denim Highlights in Winter Fashion 2012

Denim Dyeing

Denim Dyeing (Photo credit: Clariant International Ltd.)

This winter , denim will be anything but ordinary. From bold colors to wild prints, there is nothing about this season’s jeans that will leave you feeling blue. Taking cues from several decades past, these modern updates to denim are sure to attract a lot of attention wherever you go. Since you can dress them either up or down, jeans are among the most versatile clothing item in your wardrobe. From wide-leg trousers to super-skinnies, the current trends in denim offer a wide range of possibilities.

Colored and Printed Jeans
Bright colors are making a splash this winter, in a bold departure from basic blue. The rich autumn pallet you may expect to see, including colors such as burgundy, mustard and hunter, is joined by a few surprise hues, including mint and hot pink. Denim colors are found in all jean shapes this season, but the super sexy skinny jean is still the dominating trend. Colored jeans need to be styled carefully so that they do not look like costume pieces. Neutrals are fine for the timid, but a daring fashionista might select prints in complimentary colors to make colored jeans pop. Wear these jeans with simple heels or booties for maximum effect.

Printed jeans are another hot winter denim trend. Leopard and snakeskin are the two most prominent designs, but there is a variety of other prints to be found in a range of colors, as well. Floral and lace patterns, geometric shapes, text and prints inspired by Native American craftwork are all over the denim fashion scene this season. When you don a pair of these wild jeans, it will be the centerpiece of your outfit. It is best to pair this style with sleek solids and basic accessories.

Jean Textures and Hardware
Colors and prints are not the only thing winter is bringing to denim. Hardware and denim textures are back in a big way. Skinny jeans and other styles have embraced zippers this season, and this is a trend that is both fashionable and functional. Rather than the awkward foot maneuvering and bed-wiggling that are common when donning skinnies, zippers allow the tightest sections of the jeans to be opened wide while dressing. Zippers add punk rock flair to fashion, so make bold styling choices with zippered jeans, such as sexy stilettos, wide bangles and bold printed tops.

Coated jeans and patchwork denim are in this winter. These pants give texture and interest to any look, so they should not be overloaded with too many additional textures. Stick to solid tops and accessories with patchwork. These will allow the pants to take center stage, but contrasting the rectangular shape of patches with circular jewelry and round-toed shoes creates interest. Glazed, or coated, jeans give the look of leather and are best paired with overtly feminine blouses in lace or billowy cotton for contrast. Ruffle and flower accented blouses compliment leatherette jeans well. Complete this outfit with printed heels or leather pumps and choose minimalist accessories for a well-balanced look.

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