Diaper cakes at a baby shower are you serious?

Baby showers have come a long way since the mid-40s when they gained momentum and prominence during the great baby-boom of that era.Back in those days, things were much easier and simpler to plan out. Baby showers were little more than teatime gatherings between close female friends celebrating the expecting mother. Even the decorations were a little blah. They might have had some pink streamers and balloons if they were hoping for a girl or blue streamers and balloons if they were hoping for a boy. Absolutely no games were played and very little else ever happened. It was more of a casual event where women could get together and chat about what the mom to be can expect.

Three Tier Diaper Cakes: The New Baby Shower Centerpiece

Baby shower events have evolved to much more than just tea and crumpet events. These days, a baby shower host must plan for a menagerie of events within an event and all sorts of baby shower decoration ideas. She has to consider baby shower games, theme motifs, favors, prizes for guests, color schemes and much much more.

Out of all of these interesting incarnations of baby shower decoration ideas there is one decorative element that stands out among them all and that’s the diaper cake. You might be thinking to yourself “what a repulsive notion, a diaper-CAKE!” No need to be alarmed ladies and gentlemen because it’s not edible pastry but rather a decorative piece of art. This unlikely centerpiece sits in the center of the main table often times surrounded by food. It’s completely made of diapers and it usually towers three tiers high! It’s decorated with ribbons, baby goods along the sides of the diaper cake and a plush doll that sits at the top of this diaper monument. Not only is this beautiful to look at but it also doubles as a valuable resource for the expecting parents. In the ensuing months, these diapers will become extremely useful and valuable to the expecting couple for obvious reasons. Now here comes the good part, I going to teach you how to make one of these diaper cakes so that you can have it proudly displayed at the next baby shower party event you attend. Below I’ve provided you with the great baby shower video tutorial, ingredients list and some decoration touch up tips:

You are going to need some things;
63 one size diapers
63 small rubber bands
Six large rubber bands
Paper towel tube
A small cute plush doll
A glue gun
Wide satin decorating ribbons
Assorted baby goods

The base of the diaper cake consists of six diapers for the first ring, 12 diapers for the second ring and 18 diapers for the last ring. Remember that your paper towel tube should be in the middle of this. The second tier consists of six diapers for the first ring and 12 diapers for the second ring. Remember to attach the second tier onto the base with paper towel tube. The very top of the diaper cake just has one ring consisting of six diapers. Again, the center should go on the paper towel tube. You will hide the rubber bands with the large satin ribbons. Use any color you’d like that matches with the overall baby shower theme. Remember to attach the ends with a glue gun. Oh yeah, try to get burned. Use your creativity and decorate each tier with the assorted baby goods. Finally, at the top of the diaper cake place your cute little plush doll. Like I always say, do it if you’re the best and outsource the rest. If this little arts and crafts project is not your cup of tea then there are

plenty of diaper cake for sale from reputable online stores.All done, I hope you enjoyed this diaper cake tutorial  and baby shower
past and present explanation. Take care and have a wonderful day.