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The World Wide Web is a vast world.  Years before I never knew that we can do almost anything simply by accessing it in the internet.

You can research for different information, connect with friends all around the world using social networks, watch and download video from youtube, listen and download music also in YouTube and other media sites, play and download games for your computer or mobile phone, shop for clothes, food and other stuff, and also, earn online.  Everything’s here!

I really didn’t know how everything in the online world started but when my friend introduced me to it, I got hooked. ‘Where are all these information coming from?’that’s the first thing it came in my mind.  It took a lot of understanding back then, it was my younger years.

But if you really look at it, as for me, the online world is endless!  It gives more than what you are looking or asking for.  Seems like it simplified our lives in many aspects, personal or work-related, and even luxury.  I can sit all day in front of my computer and do whatever I want online, but of course, I know it’s not healthy, physically and socially.  Use the online world the right way and with moderation.  No worries, it is just there… expanding.



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