Beauty Treatments Used Around The World

All women want to be beautiful and in many countries women strive for beauty in different ways. Some of these beauty treatments may seem strange and odd, while others go on to become the latest craze all over the world. The following list highlights beauty treatments from different countries around the globe.


Women in Israel keep their skin young and beautiful by using water from the Dead Sea, because the high sodium properties are thought to be beneficial to the skin. They bathe in the water to obtain calcium which strengthens the skin, bromide which relaxes the nerves and magnesium which is said to have an anti-allergenic effect. Often it will be left on the skin for days at a time, so the nourishment is absorbed by the skin.


In many Asian countries women are not leaving it up to a nail technician to get a pedicure, but up to fish; a fashion that has become recently more popular in the west. Women place their feet into a tub of water filled with Garra Rufa fish which eat away old, flaking skin and calluses, leaving the feet smooth and supple. The fish do not have teeth and many women describe it as soothing, as well as tickling! To avoid harming the fish, feet should be placed in the tank before the toes are polished to avoid the fish from nibbling the polish off.


Japanese women use Camelia Oil as a way to smooth out their skin and prevent wrinkles. They say that the effect is comparable to botox injections in the U.S. Derived from the an evergreen shrub with rose flowers, they also use it to strengthen their nails and skin, and believe that the oil reduces acne scarring and pregnancy stretch marks.


In Brazil, women rub sand on their skin to get rid of cellulite. Grainy sand, such as beach sand is the preferred choice. Sand acts as a pumice and removes old skin cells and creates a new glowing surface. For the best results, the sand should be rubbed on areas in a circular motion where cellulite has occurred.


In Oman, women boil roses in water and then pour the water over their hair. This leaves their hair smelling fragrant and produces a glossy lush effect. The type of roses doesn’t matter, as long as they are freshly picked and still have the fragrance when placed in the water. The leaves and stems should be removed beforehand and to retain both the fragrance and the properties of the rose petals, the water should be warm before pouring it on the hair.


Women in Indonesia take pride in their beautiful bodies after childbirth. To get back their figure after giving birth, they wrap a piece of fabric called a stagen around their waste. They wrap it as tight as possible in the hope that it shrinks the uterus and stomach back down to its previous size. Women say it is very painful, but worth it to get their body back into shape.


In Egypt women still bathe in milk, just as Cleopatra once did. This timeless beauty treatment leaves the skin smooth and silky, due to milk’s natural lactic acid which exfoliates the skin.  The milk of choice is not cow’s milk, but goat’s milk, due to the high fat content which conditions the skin. Before application, the milk should be as fresh as possible to obtain the best results.


African women use honey for everything from their hair to their skin. A beauty secret that dates back centuries, they claim that honey makes their skin glow and their hair soft. It is often mixed with Shea Butter to moisturize and heal the skin. Honey also leaves behind a sweet scent which is both fashionable and desirable in many African countries.

Beauty treatments don’t just involve sitting in an expensive salon. Women from all over the world have been using unique, often inexpensive beauty treatments to keep themselves looking beautiful. Many of these treatments have been around for centuries and will continue to be used for many years to come.

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