10 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

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People are creatures of habit and makeup routines are no different. Finding the right products and techniques can be such a challenge that when we find something that works, we tend to stick with it. The problem with this is that our skin and facial structure tend to change over time. What worked well 15 years ago, may now be aging you unnecessarily. These 10 tips and techniques to look younger will get you started with an effective and fun new makeup routine.

1. Moisturize

After cleansing, while your skin is still damp is the best time to apply moisturizer. Damp, warm skin will absorb the moisturizer more evenly than dry skin. There are plenty of different kinds to choose from, but the over-30 crowd will benefit from an oil-based product rather than a water based formula.

2. Skip the powder

Powder can settle into creases and fine lines and look caked or blotchy. If you have to wear it, use a colorless powder with light diffusing particles and apply it in direct sunlight.

3. Curl your lashes

Curling the eyelashes helps make them look longer and fuller. Gravity takes its toll on the delicate eye area, but curling the lashes will draw the eye upward.

4. Liquid concealer

A lighter liquid concealer will not settle in any lines or create a waxy look. Look for a concealer in a click pen for increased control during applications.

5. Foundation

A yellow tinted foundation will warm up the skin and give it that youthful glow. A good moisturizing foundation should be applied with a damp sponge. Put a small amount of foundation to the back of your hand to avoid applying it directly to your face.

6. Prime those eyelids

A type of moisturizer can be applied to the eyes before you put on eyeshadow. Think of it like spackle for your face. Making a smooth foundation will prevent the eye shadow from smudging or caking. Blending the eyeshadow will be much more natural with the use of a primer beforehand.

7. Brown eyeliner

Consider switching from black to brown eyeliner. Brown is still dark enough to provide a dramatic contrast, but not quite so startling as black. Warmer tones will look soft and gentle. Black can appear too harsh and be unflattering.

8. Mascara

A brown or softer black mascara meant to add length rather than volume is a must. The thickening formulas tend to weigh down the lashes and pull out the curl. A good lengthening mascara will make the eyes more vivid and bright.

9. Nude lips

Consider abandoning lipstick all together for a more natural and hydrating lip balm. Another good alternative is a lip stain, followed by a clear gloss. The stain is water based, and will not seep into tiny wrinkles around the mouth, creating an unattractive purse string effect.

10. Blush

When choosing blush, think gels, creams and liquids. Powders that require a brush to apply them with can create a heavy-handed effect. The cream or gel blushes add crucial hydration to the skin, which is essential for a youthful, healthy appearance.

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