A Super Girly Phone – ONE TOUCH GLAM 810

Want a super Girly phone This Newyear? Switch on, chat, share, join. Express yourself. Widen your social circle. Get closer to the people you care about.Put your favourite Social Networks and instant messaging right at your finger tips. It’s all there for the taking.Quickly. Instinctively. Dont have enough money? fast cash loans Can help you!.

“The ONE TOUCH GLAM 810 is the perfect example of our design platform, Smiling Design,” shares Paola Pinnavaia, “wherein we seek to create fun, friendly and innovative products with emotional, sensual or intellectual connections to their users.”
Eye shadow, pocket mirror… the powder compact shape of the ONE TOUCH GLAM 810 resembles these mainstays of a woman’s handbag. Choose the color scheme that suits you best – Mystery Pink or Light Chrome. As an added touch, the phone sparkles with customizable tiny luminescent diodes when you receive a message, text or call.
The ONE TOUCH GLAM 810 opens like a music box, revealing a QWERTY keyboard and a 2.4” screen. It is a treasure trove for your most intimate secrets. Photos, videos, messages are all just a click away thanks to shortcuts you can personalize yourself. And to make sure you capture all those special memories, the ONE TOUCH GLAM 810 has a 2 MP camera that also records videos.
All day long, the phone can be discreetly tucked away in your handbag or proudly brought out into the limelight. Your own secret garden containing your Twitter and Facebook communities is just a simple click away. Today’s modern young woman never misses an opportunity to share her status, a tweet or a photo. And if you want to find the address of that fashionable restaurant everyone is talking about, the Opera Mini web browser is there to help.

A Super Girly Phone – ONE TOUCH GLAM 810


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